Fresh Made in Idaho

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque capital city of Boise, Idaho, lies the enchanting world of Opal Gene skincare, led by a seasoned esthetician, Sarah. A true family of the land, Sarah and her husband, who happens to be a huge part of the business, bask in the pride of their Idahoan heritage.

The sun-kissed climate, with over 200 days of sunshine each year, and the tranquil Boise river flowing through the town, offer a warm embrace to all, be it flora or fauna. The surrounding terrain boasts an assortment of mountains, deserts, and diverse ecosystems, providing a rich tapestry of life. This natural bounty, steeped in the region’s versatility, offers an abundance of fresh produce, herbs, and organic ingredients for our Opal Gene products. With a focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, our skincare creations are not only effective but an ode to the beauty of the land.

Our mission is to inspire confidence and radiance in every individual we touch, one face at a time. We are committed to delivering small batch, effective skincare solutions that are as unique as you are, blending the power of natural, fresh grown ingredients with active ingredients and innovation.

Small Batch Production

Small-batch production means that products are created in smaller quantities and made more frequently. The benefits of producing skincare this way is that it creates a fresher and more potent product.

Natural Beauty

Our belief in the beauty of nature drives us to craft products that are organic, vibrant, and infused with the essence of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

With Opal Gene Skincare, you embark on a journey of transformation, self-care, and natural radiance. Experience skincare that’s as unique as you are, and join us in redefining the art of beauty.

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