Perks for Opal Gene Partners

Perks for Opal Gene Skincare Partners


What is "Partnering"?
Partnering with Opal Gene Skincare is simple. You choose a Starter Collection that best suits your needs, purchase that collection and we will help you get all the information you need to be successful! Our team will add you to the website, emails, training options, facebook group and answer any questions that you may have!
We have three partnering options. A Ruby Collection, Pearl Collection and Opal Collection. You can learn all about them and which one would be the best fit by clicking here
Not only will you have all the products you need in your starter collection, but you will receive a hard copy of the Opal Gene Handbook & Product Catalog which has detailed information about each product and how to best use them, as well as Protocols for treatments both advanced and basic to start using Opal Gene products with success and knowledge. Your starter collection also includes a sign for your retail space along with catalogs and paperwork to help you retail your products in a professional manner. All of these items ordered separately would total over $125. The benefit to having all the extras as you start out with Opal Gene is that you will be more knowledgeable and better prepared to present your products to your clients.

Yes, we offer online training through YouTube as well as ongoing live trainings throughout the year. We also offer in person trainings regionally as we and our training staff travels throughout the country. As a partner, you will be the first to know about all trainings offered, and registration fees are free or discounted for all partners. 

We offer support in many ways! Once you are a partner, your business and contact info will be added to our website so that new clients can find you easily. We do frequent “shout outs” on our social media to our partners so that you have a larger reach to find new clients. We offer incentive options for you to collaborate with us with pictures and videos using Opal Gene products. We try to share all applicable tags on social media to our stories so that you have more visibility on your accounts.
We are proud to say that you will always get credit for the sales that you make! Once you are an Opal Gene partner, if you have a client that places an order online, they are prompted to tell us who their esthetician is and we keep those records. Once a quarter we total the amount of online sales you have received and we offer you a credit for the wholesale amount of sales. These wholesale bonus amounts give you the opportunity to re stock at no cost to you!
Simple! Just reach out to and we will walk you through the process. Your wholesale code will then give you access to all the retail products as well as back bar and samples so that you can carry as much or as little Opal Gene Skincare as you would like!
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