Why Choose Us

Natural Beauty

Our belief in the beauty of nature drives us to craft products that are organic, vibrant,
and infused with the essence of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


We celebrate diversity and recognize that every skin type is unique. Opal Gene provides
tailored solutions for all.

Skin Identicals

Small-batch production means that products are created in smaller quantities
and made more frequently. The benefits of producing skincare this way is that it creates a fresher and
more potent product.

Active, Organic Goodness

Opal Gene products are a sensory delight, filled with the delicious ingredients
straight from nature. Our commitment to using organic ingredients ensures purity and efficacy and a truly
unique experience.

Small Batch Production

Our products are designed with skin identicals that your body recognizes and swiftly
absorbs, resulting in dramatic and effective transformations.

Tailored Solutions

Whether you’re battling acne, embracing pro-age products, or seeking to protect and
rejuvenate, Opal Gene has a solution designed just for you.

Professional Excellence

Salons, spas, dermatologists, and estheticians can trust Opal Gene’s unique blend of organic ingredients, scientific expertise, training, and value to enhance their professional offerings.

With Opal Gene Skincare, you embark on a journey of transformation, self-care, and natural radiance.
Experience skincare that’s as unique as you are, and join us in redefining the art of beauty.

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Small Batch

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Beautifully You