Four Piece Starter Kit

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Kit Includes:

Pick a Cleanser:

1. Triple Tea Creme Cleanser 4.5 oz 133 ml

Description: A rich creamy cleanser blended with regenerative tea extracts, healing
organic coconut oil and stimulating essential oils. Great for removing makeup, for drier skin types and for those who like a creamy cleanser vs. a foamy cleanser.

2. Hibiscus Foaming Cleanser 8.75 fl oz 258 ml

Description: A mild foaming cleanser for all skin types infused with the soothing properties of hibiscus flowers, citrus essential oils and Pro-Vitamin B5. Great for all skin types, gentle and soothing to dry, normal and mature skin.

3. Clearify Foaming Cleanser 8.75 fl oz 258 ml

Description: Refreshing grapefruit and rosemary essential oils along with enzymes gently exfoliate the top layer of skin to de-congest and brighten the complexion.Great for all skin types but especially suited for oily or congested skin. Gives a tingle and leaves skin "squeaky" clean.

Pick a Toner:

1. Rose Water Tonique 4 oz 118 ml

Description: Light, hydrating mist infuses the skin with aloe and soothing rose, while prepping the skin for moisturizer. Great for all skin types, gentle and soothing for sensitive skin.

2. Vita Hydra Mist 4 oz 118 ml Description: Hydrate and revitalize skin any time of the day. B and C vitamins brighten and perk up tired and dull skin while skin identical hyaluronic acid instantly creates optimal water balance. Great for all skin types, extra boost for mature or dry skin.

Pick an Exfoliant:

1. Gentle Jojoba & Bamboo Scrub 4oz 118ml

Description: The beads in this exfoliant gently polish away the dead skin and debris while the fragrant and highly effective extract blend leaves the skin bright and refreshed. Great for dry or mature skin, perfect for sensitive skin.

2. Stone Fruit Micro-Polish 4 oz 118 ml

smoother looking skin by polishing away dull sluggish skin with natural
fruit acids and enzymes along with aluminum oxide crystals and crushed
tumbled walnut shells. Great for all skin types, especially for normal, mature or oily skin. Not recommended for active Rosacea or sensitive skin.

Pick a Moisturizer:

4. Apricot & Hyaluronic Face Whip With Ceramides & Zinc Oxide 2oz 59 ml

Description: Protect and hydrate with a whipped blend of hyaluronic acid, aloe and zinc oxide. Also contains skin identical ceramides to fill wrinkles and protect barrier function. SPF 30

Great for Normal to dry skin as well as maturing skin because of the pro-age ingredients.

4. Goat Milk Cream with Zinc Oxide 2 oz 59 ml

Description: Nourish and soothe your skin with the regenerating and restorative benefits of Goat Milk Creme. SPF 30. Great for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin or acne prone skin.

5. Lemongrass Hydrogel 2oz 59ml

Description: This refreshing gel moisturizer will provide sun protection and rehydrate the skin without additional oils. Lemongrass essential oil is an amazing anti-inflamatory and helps reduce oil production and shine. SPF 30. Great for oily and congested skin types.

4. Rose Collagen Replenish with Zinc Oxide 2 oz 59 ml

Replenish and renew with hydrating rose while boosting collagen to help
diminish the look of fine lines and laxity in the skin. SPF 30. Great for dry or mature skin.

5. Lemon Chiffon Face Whip 2oz 59ml

Description: Dry skin will soak up this emollient blend of rich oils
while peptides and hyaluronic acid fight signs of aging and plump dry
skin cells. Amazing for all skin types as a night cream. Dry, mature or damaged skin will drink up all the goodies overnight and wake up refreshed!

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