Opal Gene At Home Facial Kit

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Our Opal Gene At Home Facial Kit will provide all that you need to give yourself an at home treatment! You will receive 8 products with full instructions and a mini fan brush for proper application. Enjoy 2 full DIY treatments with leftovers of some or all products to continue enjoying.

Treatment Kit Options:

Berry Beautiful Antioxidant Facial: Stimulate dull sallow skin with a powerful punch of vitamins from fresh blueberries and blackberries, followed by active vitamin C serums that aim to dramatically brighten, tone and clarify skin.

Carrot and Mango Hydrating Facial: Rehydrate and infuse dry dull skin with the super anti-oxidant and moisture rich carrot and mango facial.

Pro-biotic Enzyme Facial: Bring irritated, inflamed skin into balance and harmony with healthy and strengthening probiotic enzymes and hydrators.

Spiced Pear and Tamarind Anti-Aging Facial: Dramatically improve skin’s appearance with this delicious exfoliating and firming facial.

Green Garden Pore Cleansing and Calming Facial: Soothe irritated, inflamed or acneic skin with french green clay and a proprietary blend of garden vegetables.

Gentle Pore Cleansing Facial: Flush pores of oil and debris while tightening skin and blasting it with vitamin C for a glowing, clean appearance.

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